Why is My Leather Upholstery Peeling?

Leather is a popular choice for upholstery because it provides superior quality furniture, looks classier than other fabrics and gets more comfortable with age. After dyeing leather, the colour gets absorbed into the fabric, which means that it does not fade with time and age. However, if you want your leather upholstery to serve you for decades, you will still need to give it a lot of proper care and maintenance. Read More 

Are You Cleaning Your Windows at Home Properly?

If you have your own three- or four-bedroom detached home, you know that it takes a certain amount of maintenance. You have a budget set aside for unexpected expenditure, and you've also set aside some cash for regular work. While you may have been used to doing some of this work yourself in recent times, you've never paid as much attention as you should to window cleaning. As this may have caused some damage to build up and cause unwanted expenditures, you've decided to take control of the situation and ensure that your windows are properly cleaned as and when needed. Read More 

Do You Read The Labels When You Buy New Clothing?

Do you have an open-ended budget when it comes to clothing? Few people do, which is why you've really got to look after any garments that you buy, to make sure that they last as long as possible. If you're like most people, you will pay a lot of attention to these items in the early days, make sure that they're folded away carefully and try not to spill any of your late-night barbecue all down the front. Read More 

Removing Dog Urine from Your Carpets: Not Always As Simple As You Think

Dog owners will know the importance of regular, thorough vacuuming. And yet as a dog owner, you probably know that this isn't always going to be enough. Investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner is a savvy move when you share your home with dogs, and this will generally be sufficient when it comes to picking up dog hair and the general dirt and debris that your dog is likely to bring inside. Read More 

Two ways to simplify the process of cleaning your home

Cleaning your home can be overwhelming, complicated and time-consuming, particularly if it is quite large or if you have children and pets. Here are two steps you can take to simplify this process. Don't buy an excessive number of 'specialist' cleaning products In a typical supermarket, you can usually find dozens upon dozens of different types of cleaning products, each of which supposedly has unique properties which make it suitable only for a specific area of your home. Read More